Friday, March 23, 2012

Freedom Rally & October Baby

This morning I am heading to the Federal Plaza in Chicago to

Stand up for Religious Freedom

There will be 140 rallies around the U.S. today meeting at noon at their local federal buildings to STAND UP against Obama administration's HHS mandate.  For more information go HERE.

U.S. Capitol 

If you cannot make it to your own local rally, please take a moment at noon and join us in prayer for God to hear our pleas and the government to hear our voices!

Don't forget to go and see October Baby movie that is being released today in select theaters around the nation.  It's a story about a  grown woman named Hannah who learns that her biological mom tried to abort her as a a baby, yet she survived.  This is her story.  I'm going this weekend with friends and can't wait to see it!



  1. I wanted to go downtown for this today Noreen but it was not to be. I had a traffic court appearance at 10:30 and had to give an interview at noon. How was it? Are you going to do a post on it? I imagine the weather and it being on a Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday kept the numbers a bit low.

  2. This is SO awesome that you were able to attend a rally, Noreen! I was unable to get to one with all the kids on Friday but we prayed from across the miles:) I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I can't wait to see October's playing in a theater only 30 miles from our home! God bless you, dear warrior for Christ!

  3. Colleen~ that's too bad you couldn't make it. The rain didn't keep anyone away. I heard they were expecting about 600 people and then it was reported that 2,500 showed up.

    Tiffany~ you're prayers were with us!

  4. Noreen,

    I've heard so much about October Baby. I am guessing we will need to wait a little longer than you for its release... I just did a quick bit of research and can't see any mention of this movie coming to our cinemas. Maybe we will have to wait for the DVD release.

    With prayers