Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pay it Forward

This is also the time where I can Pay it Forward to a Catholic blogger who I admire and so enjoy reading her posts.  Tiffany at Family at the Foot of the Cross blog is my pick for this week.  She devotes her blog to glorifying God and is a witness to her love for Christ and Our Blessed Mother.  She's a lovely lady who is a devoted wife and mom to 6 children (one being heaven already) and is raising her brood to be "Warriors for Christ."  Many of you probably know her already but I wanted Tiffany to know how much I appreciate and learn from her!  If you do not know Tiffany, you should head right on over and say hello!

Thank you Holly at A Life Size Catholic Blog for hosting this supportive and encouraging meme!


  1. Noreen, I am quite humbled by your kindness. All for God's glory, through His most Holy Mother:)

  2. Noreen, came here from Holly's blog for Pay it Forward. Looking forward to visiting Family at the Foot of the Cross. Thanks!

  3. I've been to Tiffany's blog, and have been so impressed with her joy and kindness. I'm on my way to visit again. Thanks for posting on "Pay It Forward"!

    God bless...

  4. Tiffany~ your blog glorifies God and Our Lady and should be recognized!

    Kathryn~ thank you for coming to visit me and I know you will enjoy Tiffany's blog!

    Holly~ I thought you two might know each other. She's wonderful, isn't she?

  5. Thanks for stopping by my "Pay It Forward" post. It appears we had similar thoughts - celebrating wonderful women who inspire and teach us!