Thursday, July 28, 2011

LIVE ACTION News Report by Stephen Muff

LIVE ACTION sent me an email update today on the work of pro-lifers and this one caught my attention from the beautiful yellow LIFE balloons to the last picture of a pregnant woman holding a beer and a cigarette with the caption "Don't worry, Planned Parenthood says it's not a baby yet."  I just had to share this article regarding the outcome of a peaceful protest at an abortion clinic in Northern California.

Abortion Clinic Closes for the Day as

 “LIFE” Balloons Fly Proudly

I never thought I would see the day when balloons would be instrumental in saving lives, but last Saturday, that happened in Sacramento, California. A pro-life flash-mob assembled, much like the choirs that assemble in malls to sing Handel’s “Hallelujah” chorus. As the abortion clinic decided to close for the day, many were, indeed, singing hallelujah.
At the Wright Street Feminist Women’s Health Center, you could look down the street and see groups of people amassing to peacefully pray for an end to abortion, holding yellow helium-filled balloons with the word “LIFE” on them. Apparently, the balloons and prayers were enough to get the attention of the upper-level management, the abortuary’s attorney, and many media outlets.
Emily Espinola, a local pro-life activist, explained the objective. “Our goal in organizing this rally was to bring about community awareness in regard to the practices of this clinic along with uniting the prolifers in our area. Many people consider themselves pro-life but don’t know how to make a difference. It is our hope to spark passion and conviction in the hearts of all who call themselves pro-life.”
That is exactly what this event accomplished. Many are looking forward to attending future pro-life activities such as this. The fact that the clinic closed for the day signaled a victory for those in attendance, and inspired many to keep coming back. Even more inspiring, is that it is a grassroots movement of like-minded individuals, not a particular group or leader. With over 150 people, including entire families, many teens and young adults, and two priests, this movement in Sacramento is growing quickly.

Although we were there as a prayerful gathering, some did their part to raise awareness of the issue in other ways. A few prolifers held this sign:

 Others held signs to remind people to stand for life.
The power of prayer at this site is also showing, in very particular ways. Not only did the abortion clinic close for the day, but the staff seems to recognize our effectiveness. One of those participating dropped a rosary on the sidewalk. One of the abortuary administrators noticed this, walked over, picked it up, and carried it away. Hopefully, in some way, this will cause a change of heart and she will switch to the winning side— the culture of life’s.
Many people are coming to the Wright Street clinic from all over Northern California. If you want to get involved, send a message to, and they can point you in the right direction. We can change our State if we decide to get involved!
For more information go to LIVE ACTION



  1. That's so good, Noreen!
    I pray the abortuary administrator has a real heart conversion because of this event!
    I'm sure that rosary is soaked in prayer!
    Praise the Lord of Life and Mercy!
    Thanks for linking to LACE today, my friend.
    love in Jesus..Trish

  2. Hi Noreen,
    The Sacramento group are certainly making a difference. That is good news.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  3. So encouraging, Noreen! Look at all those balloons! The photo of the pregnant woman is so effective. God bless you!

  4. Thank you Trish, Barb and Sue for your support!

    Trish ~ I love how you commented that "the rosary is soaked in prayer." How true!

    Barb ~ I love hearing stories from around the world where people are standing up for the sanctity of life!

    Sue ~ that picture grabbed my attention too. Startling and shocking to say the least.