Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sad News for us Catholics

Many of you know Fr. Corapi from his show on EWTN or have heard him on Relevant Radio or have listened to one of his CDs from Lighthouse Catholic Media.  I've been privileged to know him and listen to him for only about a year or so.  My friend Holly talked highly of him as well as Deacon Tony from my church.  When I finally watched his show on EWTN, I was fully engaged.

He is a gifted dynamic speaker that speaks boldly of our faith and especially about Our Lady.  

He has a gift for explaining the faith that makes sense.  He doesn't waver, he speaks the truth and one could feel it.  He talked about unpopular subjects such as abortion, Our Lady, Socialism...etc.  He did not shy away from warning us about the secular way of our world and how it leads away from Christ.

Well, a couple of months back he abruptly disappeared from EWTN and after checking into it, I had learned that he was removed from all priestly duties and public speaking due to an investigation.  Santa Cruz Media had issued a statement in support of Fr. Corapi's innocence of the alleged charges.

My conclusion, he is under a spiritual attack.  He is a threat to our enemy, the father of all lies, so he then became a target... the goal to destroy his reputation as a priest and hurt the Catholic Church in the same throw.  It has certainly divided the Catholic Bishops and the faithful.  (And I have missed his shows greatly!)

I'm not interested in the politics that lead to this... if egos were involved?  
power struggle?  

What I am interested in is focusing back on God's Word.

I had been thinking about him and heard today, that Fr. Corapi had released a statement that "he was not going to be involved in public ministry as a priest any longer."  You can read about  at The Black Sheepdog his own personal blog.

This is not good news in my opinion.

Our Lady brought him to her Son many years ago so, I'm sure she's looking out for him now.  God can bring good out of any mess and I pray he does so for Fr. Corapi and those involved in his persecution.

God Bless,


  1. Hi Noreen,
    Yes, this is very sad indeed and I'm still a bit confused by the whole situation as far as the details go. Lay people don't know the details or the allegations do we? I just don't understand that if he is not guilty why is he being treated like he is???? I too enjoyed listening to him on Catholic Radio, Relevant Radio. He will be missed greatly and he will continue to be in my prayers, as well as all priests and religious.

  2. I'm sorry, Noreen, for the hurt this has caused many involved. I just try to remind myself that noone is perfect: the accusors or accusee. Let him who is without sin cast the frist sin. I know Satan does do as much as he can to stop the spreading of the world and loves it when this kind of thing happens.

  3. Great thoughts on this Noreen.

    I've been so saddened by this too. I feel as if it were one of my dearest lay friends going through a divorce which is ending a beautiful Catholic marriage. I don't know how to relate my feelings otherwise, as I've never thought of the Priesthood as anything less than a man spiritually marrying the Immaculate Bride, Holy Mother Church.

    I'm sad as his child. I'm sad as his spiritual daughter (he didn't know I was there, but I recognized him as Father nonetheless.) Where is the fighter in this? Why is he leaving? Is his media blitz more important than his Priestly ministry? Does he recognize the terrible impression he's leaving many Faithful? BLACK sheep dog...That just doens't bode well with me.

    I'm so sad by all of this. So tremendously sad. Praying for Fr. Corapi, for all involved, and for those who are struggling with the aftermath of this, probably even more than me...

  4. I know how much you've learned from him. This is sad!


  5. Hi Noreen..I, too, have been following the Fr. Corapi Saga with great interest. It is such a shame. Margo of the Rosary Trail has a lot on what's happened with Fr. C...this link is an interesting one. Thought you'd like to see the video of 4 men who are trying to convince the good Father to fight this and not leave the priesthood. http://therosarytrail.com/a-message-for-father-corapi/

  6. Noreen,
    I was greatly saddened by the news that Fr. Corapi was leaving his priestly ministry. I think satan attacks priests tremendously. Fr. Corapi brought many souls to Christ and I've been praying for him.

  7. I agree Mary333-I'm praying for him

  8. Hi Noreen,
    I do not know much about Fr Corapi. We aren't connected to EWTN so I've never watched his show. It worries me that he has reacted by going his own way and leaving the priesthood rather than quietly submitting to circumstances and praying and waiting... I guess it is very difficult to do the latter. I know a priest who was accused of wrong doing quite a few years ago. His name was cleared but he was never allowed to return to his parish duties. He now lives a hidden quiet life when there is nothing more he'd rather do than serve us as an active priest. We are very short of good priests and his life seems such a waste but only God can judge the situation. Perhaps his humble acceptance of a very sorrowful situation will win so much graces for himself and others.

  9. Tracy - I heard/read that it was a disgruntled ex-employee who made a scene and threatened to ruin him or some such thing. I thought I read that from the Santa Media Cruz statement... not sure.

    Shanda - Dr. Corapi talked about your comment and referred to it as "a strategy of our enemy" and how in warfare, the enemy always seeks to destroy the leaders in the hopes of ruining the morale of the troops.

    Patty - I've had similar thoughts as well wondering what his true agenda is in all this. I'm praying that he's following God's will and not his own, but then the question arises "why would God want him to relinquish his vows?" How can that be the work of God?

  10. Momof4 - I did learn a lot from him and so enjoyed his straightforward approach.

    Nanette - thanks for the link. I will head on over now. I've been away from the computer for most of the week even though we've corresponded through email.... I haven't done much blogging.

    Mary - I'm hoping through all of the faithful prayers, that Fr. Corapi will follow the path God has chosen for him and not his own. I'm not saying that what's he doing, but his choices makes it hard to understand.

    Sue - Does EWTN not broadcast in Australia? What a blessing this Catholic TV station has been for me. If I'm watching TV, it's normally an EWTN program. So your priest friend was "not allowed" to return to his parish duties even after being cleared? That doesn't seem fair.