Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Return to the Abortion Clinic, and a Call to Prayer

We went back to the abortion clinic today with holy water and prayers.  We made the sign of the cross, using holy water, on the iron gate door and prayed quickly since we were INSIDE the building yet outside the locked iron gate, in the hallway leading to their office suites.  We were there later today so there were more people walking around yet I did not see one person enter or leave that medical center.  I know that good will come of our prayers but I'm concerned that we may face some hostility since we were on the property.  I'm sure they'd just ask us to leave but I don't want my son negatively affected by it.

My friend Holly told me about a prayer she heard on Relevant Radio to say when one is feeling scared, it is "I claim the protection of the Blood of the Lamb."  I said this prayer on our way into the building and I felt better about that.  Yet, why do I feel like what I am doing is sneaky?  Why do I feel I cannot pray in a public place?  This building has a long history of doctors who perform abortions so peaceful protesters are not uncommon but they're outside on public property.  What would happen if the doctor came out to confront me?  Could they call the police on me?   Would they?

We are going back to this same building tomorrow morning because my son has an appointment to remove two ingrown toenails.  They will sedate him for this minor procedure but I'm anxious that he will be knocked out for the procedure.  The other option was much less appealing to my son, multiple Novocain shots in each big toe.  He preferred the one IV needle prick to the multiple shots... he will still get the Novocain shots but he won't feel it since he'll be lights out.

Please pray there are no complications with the IV medication going in and that the procedure goes smoothly!

God's Blessings,


  1. I think we still have our freedom of speech rights, right? I think you are ok.

    If a doctor approached you, which I do not think they would dare, you could just explain you are peacefully praying for them and all the unborn babies.

    Prayers for you son.

  2. Oh Noreen! Praying for both son and Mama tomorrow!

    Since you were there for your own doctor and just happened to pass by this place, you have every right to be in that building! Please don't hesitate on that for a moment! We're not allowed to go inside of our PP, but if business pulls us inside the building, then by all means we should stand and pray inside as well as out! You go girl! And a covered up prayer is always hands down better than a cover up abortion anyday!;) Keep up the good work...

  3. Prayers for your son, Noreen! And prayers for you too. Some things are so difficult to do. Do you think your prayers, mingled with some fear and trepidation, mean much more to God than if it were easy for you?