Saturday, July 20, 2013

Misery Loves Company Book Review

Misery Loves Company by Rene GutteridgeMy latest book review is a mystery called Misery Loves Company by Rene Gutteridge.  The premise of this book is the disappearance of a grief stricken widow.  She works from home as a blogger and after writing a negative review of a best selling author, she is nowhere to be found.  I felt a bit confused in the first few chapters with the roles of the characters and had to go back a couple of times to clarify who was who and what was happening.  And even to this point, I don't think the author wrote how the main character was kidnapped.  I may have missed it but I believe the details were left out.  This may not have been important to the author but I wanted to know how it was done.  I also felt the book was a bit misleading with the "Don't tell me it's terrifying.  Terrify me" comment in her review. I expected more of a thriller aspect to it that left me a bit disappointed.   I didn't want goriness like Stephen King's Misery but if you're going to say "terrify me" it builds up an expectation to be terrified.

After the first few chapters, I found the book to be compelling enough with wanting to know what was going to happen next.  I read the book in a couple of days and overall liked it.  It's a good book to read over the summer while at the beach or pool.

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  1. Noreen,

    We'd better not write any negative reviews of best selling authors. We might be kidnapped! I always enjoy your honest reviews. Thank you for this one. God bless!

  2. Noreen,
    Thanks...I enjoy rdg reviews here at your blog....This one does look intriguing and light for a summer read, based on your take. Thank you!

    Looking fwd to connecting again, after my lengthy tech break...I hope that summer is going well and you're having some enjoyable down time.

    Be well and God bless!

  3. As always, your honest book review is greatly appreciated. I agree (without having read the book myself) that a thriller should be THRILLING!

  4. I love a good mystery! Thanks for the honest review! Can you believe summer is winding down???!!!