Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bible Stories Painting Book Review

I am participating in a Kregel Blog Tour this month with my review of Bible Stories Painting Book 2.  
As the title implies this is the second one in the series of bible stories painting books.  
The one that I am reviewing has two paint pallets on the inside covers with one page pictures of a popular bible story.  The child dips a paint brush in water and then onto the paint pallet.  
Then, paint on one of the 16 bible stories with 8 from the Old Testament and 8 from the New Testament.
Each story has a sentence or two of explanation of the bible story. 
 Candle Books publisher markets this painting book as mess free and it is for the most part. 
 The paint pallets do not make a big mess but the child must remember to wait about 5 minutes before closing the book in order for the paint to dry.

I asked my 5 year old nephew to test it out and give me his opinion.  
He asked me "what does opinion mean?" 
 I said, "you can tell me if the paint works good or not so good."  
His reply, "I can do that.  I'll give you my opinion."

Here he is pressing down the pages. 
 I think he was skeptical if the paint was real and would work. 

It worked similarly to watercolor paints.  
Only a little bit of water on a paintbrush was needed and the color turned out great.

Watercolors are more transparent then this paint.  
Which means the color strength was definitely better in this painting book.

 This painting book serves a dual purpose:  painting fun and faith formation.

It is geared towards young children who are just learning to read.
For the faith formation to occur, the parent needs to talk about what's on the page.
Otherwise, it's an ordinary painting book.

His opinion was that "the colors worked good and it's fun."
I told my nephew he could keep it so he'd have many more hours of painting fun.
That put a smile on his face :)

The Bible Stories Painting Book 2 is ideal for quiet activity either individually or as a group.
I think a preschool or kindergarten teacher could use this as enrichment when teaching a bible story.
All you need is a paintbrush and water and you're ready to start.

I was given a complimentary copy of Bible Stories Painting Book 2 for my honest review.  
The opinions used were my nephew's and my own.



  1. That's such a neat idea, Noreen. My younger children love painting but it's so messy. This looks less stressful:)

    Your nephew looks like a real cutie - and his T-shirt stayed white!

    God bless:-)

  2. Noreen, thanks for sharing - you've highlighted some really wonderful children's books lately. I agree with Vicky above, too - love that your nephew's shirt stayed white! Maybe there's hope for my toddler yet.

  3. Great review...and from such a cute participant! Thanks, I might need to get these for my little boys!!! Hugs.

  4. Hi Noreen~Popping over to say hello! This looks like a good one for my littles:) My husband and I are teaching 6th grade CCD this year, my first time! yikes. I'm going to be referring back here soon. God bless!

  5. Fun, fun! My younger kids would love this!!! Your nephew looks sooo happy!