Monday, February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI

Today was a confusing day with Pope Benedict's announcement.  
I didn't see it coming even though I've heard commentators on EWTN say
 "it's shocking but not a surprise."  
That he'd alluded to it over the past few months.  
I believe he is a holy man, a holy Pope who has discerned this is the path 
the Holy Spirit is leading him on. 

 I pray that his remaining years ahead are healthy to live out his life in prayer.

I pray that his successor will Shepherd the Catholic people as God calls him to do.


"On this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." 

 Matthew 16:18

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!



  1. It has been a day full of mixed emotions. I was, and am still, in shock. I quoted that same scripture to my children today and even used it as copy work for them.

    I am praying with you for all the same things.

    God Bless, Kari

    1. Pope Benedict will be covered in prayer by the faithful! Thank you for visiting Kari!

  2. He is truly a man of heroic humility...God bless our Papa. I am joining you in prayer, my friend!

    1. It did take great courage for him to follow where the Holy Spirit is leading him rather than his own ambitions!

  3. The Holy Father would never do anything rashly or make any decision without fervently thinking and praying it over. I believe in his decisions! Our prayers are with him too. :D

    1. I agree Janice! Today on Mancow tv which I don't watch but happened to walk in on my husband watching it, I heard the host say that he has friends in the Vatican and is believing that a prophecy is now being fulfilled. The prophecy is that Pope Benedict will be our last Pope because we're merging with Islam. WHAT?? He'll regret that statement when our new Pope is chosen!