Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Prayer in the Public Square

After shopping at a local Italian food deli this morning, I experienced the most pleasant surprise.  
Through a speaker in the parking lot, they were playing a song.  
Not just any song but The Lord's Prayer.  
In song.  
In the public parking lot.  
Completely amazing.  
I stood transfixed with a big smile on my face.

Here is the Youtube video of Anrea Bocelli's Our Father in song.  It was his version they were playing.

May God abundantly bless Caputo & Sons Fruit Market & Deli!  
I hope everyone who shopped their this morning heard this song and their hearts were changed.



  1. Noreen - I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. I am just now catching up on your blog. Thanks for your review of Grace by Max Lucado, I will have to go pick it up now. I love this song too. I think at Christmas, how fun that you heard it when you were at the market. Anne

    1. We did have a nice Thanksgiving! Hope you did too Anne and thanks for visiting. Let me know if you do read Grace by Max Lucado. I enjoyed it and passed it on to by sister.

  2. Beautiful, Noreen! Praying you have a peaceful Advent:)

    1. Thank you Tiffany! Praying you do the same:)

  3. I hope you email the link to this post to that deli or go in and thank them in person. It's a beautiful version of the Lord's Prayer.

  4. Oh Noreen! I would have been so transfixed as well. I LOVE this song and when Mr. Bocelli sings it, I just get goose bumps! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story and video.