Thursday, November 29, 2012

Most and Least Christian States

A friend sent me a link from a Rhode Island online newspaper reporting the controversy with their
 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in their state capital.  
Apparently, Governor Lincoln Chaffee is under pressure to call their tree a 
" Holiday tree" and not a "Christmas Tree."  

This is not a new problem for the smallest state in the US. 
 Last year, protesters interrupted the ceremony demanding it be called a "Christmas tree. "  
Good for the people of Rhode Island!  
It is a Christmas tree.  
Always was and will continue to be a Christmas tree.

At the bottom of this online article is a slide show that ranks the numbers of Christians in each state.
Here is the link so you can see where your state in ranked.  The Huffington Post.


Rhode Island is ranked at 13 out of 50 in having the most Christians.
My state of Illinois is at 18 out of 50 states.
The state with the most Christians is Utah.
The state with the least is Maine.

Check out the link to see where your state ranks HERE.



  1. That was really interesting!! It's nice to see Minnesota as number 7!!!! We do have a ton of small towns beginning with the name Saint. (including our own town) Funny, MN is always a democrat state....liberal in so many other ways, those liberal areas are only the The Twin Cities and up in the Iron Ore range, where unions are everything, I guess.

    Thanks for sharing this Noreen, very interesting.

    California surprised me, as did Maine as the last.

  2. I agree about California and Maine. I also hate to admit, but I would have thought that my own state of Illinois would have been much further down on the list!

  3. Honestly, who do they think they're fooling? They can say "holiday" all they want, but no one's going to believe for a second that if Santa, candy canes and a decorated tree are involved--we must be celebrating LABOR DAY!
    My town is having a "holiday tree" this year. But we don't attend the township's festivities.