Friday, July 27, 2012

Vacation Bible School 2012

Last week was a fun yet busy week with VBS in the evenings at my church.  We used the Sky Curriculum published by Our Sunday Visitor.  I shared the responsibility with another station leader for the craft station.  Our group opted to do crafts instead of the imagination station that is outlined in this curriculum.  We had 40 plus kids, with the majority being bilingual. that participated this year.  It was a blast with lots of high energy kids!  The weather was 100+ degrees outside so we ended up sharing the gym with the snack and game stations which meant for a noisy gym!

Our themes for the week were:

Day 1 
A Roman Centruion Has Faith In Jesus.
           "For the Lord does not see as morals see... the Lord looks on the heart."  1 Samuel 16:7
            Bible Point:  No Matter Who You Are... Trust God!
Saint of the Day:  St. Augustine
Craft:  Hidden Heart

Day 2 
Jesus Brings Lazaurs Back To Life
           "Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Belive in God."  John 14:1
           Bible Point:  No Matter How You Feel... Trust God!
Saint of the Day:  St. Dominic
Craft:  Pilot Goggles

Day 3
 Jesus Is Arrested And Put On Trial
           "But those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles." Isaiah 40:31
            Bible Point:  No Matter What People Do... Trust God!
Saint of the Day:  St. Clare of Assisi
Craft:  Constellation & Airplane

Day 4
Jesus Dies And Rises To New Life
"For I am convinced that nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God."  Romans 8:38-39
Bible Point:  No Matter What Happens... Trust God!
Saint of the Day: St. Mary Magdalene
Craft:  Butterfly

Day 5
Jesus Makes A Beachside Breakfast For His Friends
"Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."  Joshua 1:9
Bible Point:  No Matter Where You Are... Trust God!
Saint of the Day:  St. John
Craft:  Rocket

Here are some photos of our crafts:

 Butterflies were made from scrapbook paper and pipe cleaners.

Rockets were made from pool noodles that were cut into 1 inch pieces and then labels with the daily theme.

Hidden Heart Craft had the heart and bible verse on the inside with the outside decorated by each child.

The airplane was your typical paper airplane that was a ginormous hit... especially with the boys!

Constellation Craft was made by using black construction paper, star stickers and chalk.  Kids either created their own constellation or looked at the sample and made one from the night sky.

The saint coloring pages came from Faith Keepers and by the ever talented, Charlotte 

Each night, the time just flew by with many happy and eager children ready to learn. Some crafts were more popular than others but overall, our station was a success!



  1. Job well done! It's hard to find a Catholic theme and you seem to have found a great one.

    Ha ha! I bet that gymnasium was loud!

    VBS is definitely one of those things that you are so glad when it is all done, but so glad that you participated in it, isn't it?

    1. It was absolutely loud!! Full of laughter!! So I couldn't mind it too much :)

  2. Noreen, it sounds like a wonderful week! I love the theme. Thanks for sharing all of your craft ideas!

    1. It was a great week! The kids were well behaved and happy to be there. I couldn't ask for more.