Sunday, December 11, 2011

Praying at an Abortion Clinic

I'm linking up with RAnn today at Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival!  Thank you RAnn for bringing us all together each week!

Last week, I went and prayed on a public sidewalk outside an Abortion Clinic in my city on a very cold morning.  I have to say, I was nervous that I would be confronted, screamed at and mocked. But then I thought of those little babies who cannot fight for themselves when their mothers decide to end their life for reasons known only unto them.  Whether they consciously know what they are doing or not... I pray for these mothers.    This must be an agonizing, lonely decision and I feel for the mothers and the fathers.

I went on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception for 1 1/2 hours and learned a new pro-life rosary prayer and then I sang Immaculate Mary and as many other Christian songs I knew.  It was very cold so I was moving up and down the sidewalk as I prayed and sang.  Many passerby's honked and waved their support to us and with the exception of one upset patient, it was peaceful.

Dr. Goyal is the abortion doctor who proudly lists this service on his website here.  He also has a button on his sidebar indicating he is an "Illinois Abortion Clinic Member."  As if that is a status to be proud of?  He has no shame even though it was one of his other clinics that was recently closed.

I clicked on this button and guess what? 
He is offering a couple of special discounts:

 $20 off surgery for an abortion or $10 off exam fee.

What a deal!  You can even save money by ending a life!

Somewhere deep in your soul, Dr. Goyal, you must know this is wrong!  
You trained to protect and save life... not end it.

A few weeks ago, Veronica had a scheduled abortion with Dr. Goyal and after talking to the sidewalk counselors from Northwest Families for Life, she changed her mind.  I've no doubt that God will bless her for his decision but she needs our prayers!  I do not know her or her circumstances but she is one courageous lady who decided to stand for what is right ~ life for her baby!

Dr. Goyal and staff... I am praying for you that the scales be removed from your eyes and you will see what you've done and turn to God and repent your sins.  He will forgive you!

Advent Blessings to All,


  1. God bless you for standing by your convictions and going to pray for those mothers.

  2. A quiet public opposition to abortion is one of the best things you can do.

  3. Noreen,

    I will join my prayers to yours. May God bless you for the work you are doing for Him.

  4. God bless you for walking in the cold, praying and singing to save the babies. It saves the moms, too. I will add the abortionist to my prayer intentions along with the young lady you mentioned. It is sad that so many women don't know that God will provide help for them so they don't feel compelled to get rid of their babies.

  5. Hi Noreen. When I went with my church we called it a prayer vigil. When I went with the students and other adult chaperones at my daughter's high school, to the PP in Aurora they called it a protest. Either way we were praying, just ironic that the Catholics called it a vigil and the Protestants a protest.

  6. Thank you for all of the encouragement and willingness to pray for them!

    Colleen~ it's all in the prospective of where one stands... life or death?

  7. Gosh, that's a disturbing discount. Those prayers at those vigils really work.

  8. PS Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  9. This must have been a very meaningful feast day, engaging in prayer at the clinic. God will bless you!! I'm praying for Veronica, as well as Dr. Goyal and his staff.

  10. Nancy~ it is incredibly disturbing that the doctor is offering discounts as if this service goes on sale.

    Gardenia~ they both need our prayers!

  11. Noreen,
    You are a such a strong prayer warrior for the unborn and to see the end to abortion! What a beautiful and prayerful way to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception! Thank you for all your time and courage to pray and for inspiring others, like myself, to continue to do the same! I will keep Veronica in my prayers as well along with Dr. Goyal and all abortion providers! God bless!

  12. A sale on abortions? That's horrifying, Noreen. I'm so glad Veronica changed her mind and I will keep her and Dr. Goyal in my prayers. Thank you for your work in promoting a culture of life. God bless!

  13. Thanks for posting this Noreen. My daughter and I have been planning to participate in the 40 Days for Life vigil this Lent, but are also a little apprehensive about being confronted, as you mentioned. This shored me up. We will keep Veronica in our family prayers and add her to the prayer roll at church, as well.