Thursday, December 29, 2011

No Rest for the Abortion Mill

Yesterday we remembered all those baby boys who were killed in King Herod's campaign to eliminate his competition - baby Jesus.  We all know that he failed in that regard yet many young baby boys were martyred and are considered the first martyrs called Holy Innocents.  Today with my mind heavy with the martyred babies, I returned to the abortion clinic to pray.  Once there, I learned that the abortion doctor had the day off and had a replacement taking over the abortion duties. 

Before I arrived, one of the scheduled patients and her husband, changed their minds about aborting their baby after talking to a sidewalk counselor.  Please pray for Aliyah and her husband to stand strong in their decision to keep their third baby.

Even with this great news, the other young faces that left the office, haunt me still.  It was another busy day.  I cried again today after watching one young college age girl and her boyfriend leave.  She walked out very slowly and carefully as if each step hurt her.  I'm guessing it hurt physically but her emotional pain was evident.  She hung her head in shame and cried.  Her boyfriend covered her in a big Chicago Blackhawks blanket and was attempting to console her with no success.  He obviously loved her in his tender care of her and she will need his support as she goes through this aftermath of emotion.   I don't know their names or circumstances, but I pray for them that they turn to God for forgiveness, healing and peace.  Her face has popped up in my memory repeatedly today and each time I'm offering up prayers for her.

Jesus protect and save the unborn!



  1. Beautiful work, Noreen. Your prayers are surely sweet flowers sent up to heaven. I picture the Holy Innocents and all aborted babies catching them and joyfully accepting your gift on behalf of their parents. May the intercession of the Holy Family continue to bless you and your service:)

  2. You Courageous Woman!

    Please do not stop Praying and Being there!!

    Bless You for your Efforts!

    We too will Pray and perhaps, one day our Culture of Death will cease to be...