Sunday, August 7, 2011

Staying Faithful Today Book Review

     I was given the privilege to review Fr. Alfred McBride's book called, Staying Faithful Today.  Fr. McBride was ordained a priest in 1953 and is an author of several well-known Catholic books and has lectured widely.  The main theme throughout this book is fidelity and he addresses the crisis of fidelity in our culture today.  Fr. McBride tells his reader why so many priests and religious women have walked away from their vows, and why so many marriages and families are in crisis.  He states, "our capacity for denial and delusion regarding our most precious values was --and is still today--unnerving."  Do we as children of God value fidelity?  Do we even know what it means anymore?

He gives us many examples of fidelity:

Fidelity is the practical expression of love.

Fidelity is a love that is supported by loyalty and courage.

Fidelity is keeping your promise to God, family and country.

Fidelity requires courage to make and keep your promises--the kind of courage that provides you with the creativity and imagination with which to find unique ways to be faithful.

Fidelity is staying true to your wedding promises, spoken in the presence of your faith community.

Fidelity is living the vows you made as a priest or religious in the presence of a bishop at your ordination or before a religious superior, witnessed by the members of the order or congregation.

Fidelity is what our presidents need when they take the oath of office on Inauguration Day.

Fidelity is what new candidates to the Supreme Court and judges at every level of society need when they promise to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the law of the land.

Fidelity is what is expected of anyone who signs a contact.

     Fr. McBride uses scripture, quotes from saints, and his own personal stories as guides on how to be faithful to God, family and country.  He offers reasons as to why so many people have failed to find God and then lets his reader know where we can find Him ~ through creation, the human person, through direct revelation and Jesus.  He begins his book with a discussion of love and a reminder of how God is always faithful to us.  In each subsequent chapter, he examines the issues confronting us in being faithful whether it's to ourselves, friends, communities and marriage. The last chapter is devoted to the vocation of priesthood and fidelity which has been a hot topic in our modern age.  He concludes each chapter with advice on how to remain faithful then offers personal application questions and group discussion questions to delve deeper into the topic.  A scripture mediation follows the questions and then he gives the reader space to write down their own promises relating to each topic.  This book would be great for a group study on faithfulness or it can be read by the individual who yearns to become closer to God.

     Staying Faithful Today is a thought provoking book for it's testimony to fidelity and how far we've strayed as children of God.  It is a very relevant read for all of us who profess to love God and for those who are seeking Him.  You can purchase Staying Faithful Today at the Catholic Company.  I loved reading this book because it made me ponder the humbling yet awe-inspiring fact of the faithfulness of God and where I need to work on being more faithful to Him.  This review was written as part of the Catholic book reviewer program of The Catholic Company.  They have many great books and resources on Our Catholic Faith including the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Bible.

I was given a free copy of this book to review from The Catholic Company, I received no monetary compensation for my review.



  1. Hi Noreen, another informative review! Thank you. I had to come over and read about this book because I recognised the author's name. We have Fr McBride's "Teen Guide to the Bible". We have learnt so much from this book.

    I had a look and there is a Kindle version of "Staying Faithful Today". I love Kindle books. This could be my next purchase!

  2. Thanks Sue! I will have to read his Teen Guide to the Bible soon since my son is only a couple of years away from his teen years.