Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hot Summer Nights

During the month of July, you can read great inspirational advice on how to strengthen your marriage over at
 Jen's  Enter Under My Roof.  Here's an idea of what she has in store for you in discussing 

Marriage, Passion, Love & Faith:


Marriage. One of the greatest gifts we've been given, yet - sometimes - one of the things we take most for granted. This July, spend 30 days with us as we bring you a different article each day focused on real life marriages, passion, love, and faith. We've pulled together some of the best in the business, including Marriage & Family therapists, published authors, counselors, clergy, and everyday people just like you and me to share experiences (both good and bad), talk openly about passion and sex, discuss how God sets the example for us in our marriages, and more. We'll be sharing our amazing line-up of authors beginning on July 1 and will publish a different article each day from a new author on marriage.

We'll be exploring things like: 
• Making it through tough times 
• The natural stages & progression of marriage
 • Including God in your marriage
 • Ideas for alone time 
• Being married to a non-Christian
 • Celebrating anniversaries
 • Falling back in love with each other
 • The intimacy of spending every night with “the one” 
• What the Bible says about marriage
 • Keeping the passion alive (or where to go looking if it's missing)... and more.

We'll be updating this page with the amazing contributors on July 1 and linking, 
each day, to their article. 

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On July 1st, there will be a chance to check out Summer Nights Date Night Link Up.  You'll be able to add your own ideas as well on how you like to share alone time with your spouse!

Thank you to Jen and her church for organizing the collection of articles and ideas to remind us all that when we marry, it is a Sacrament and blessed by God.  Even though it's hard, we must remember to who we made our promises to when we married!



  1. Thanks for sharing this Noreen! Sounds very interesting and helpful. Andy and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this week. I guess we must be a bit older than 30 by now!

  2. Sounds interesting. Thanx Noreen.

    God bless.