Thursday, February 9, 2012

Abortion is a Holy Profession?

I read today that a Planned Parenthood affiliate has a new president and CEO.   Melaney Linton will be the new president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast starting March 1, 2012.  She rose up in  the ranks over 24 years and started as a Clinic Assistant.  She seems eager and excited to lead 13 abortion and abortion referring clinics as well as the LARGEST Planned Parenthood Clinic in the United States.  That would be in Houston, Texas.

It is reported that Planned Parenthood statistics for 2010 are as follows:

12,000 abortions and they earned $17 million dollars that year.
49% of their funding came from tax payer money.
$200,000 was the annual salary of her predecessor, Peter J. Durkin.

Here is Ms. Linton's statement:

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"I am honored and humbled to be entrusted with such a sacred duty...I pledge to do everything in my power to fight back against the ideological attacks on Planned Parenthood and women, so that no teen will every say she didn't know how she got pregnant, no one will ever be denied basic reproductive health care, and no woman will ever be forced to bear children she cannot adequately support."

She doesn't mention anything about pregnancy prevention or adoption.  It almost sounds like she is declaring war against the unborn.  Would that be a stretch?  Does the Pro-Life Movement "attack" women?   or Planned Parenthood?  If by "attack" she means reveals the truth of what is happening then yes, I guess it could be called that.

But wouldn't it be more accurate to say it's the unborn who are being "attacked" and killed.  

Ms. Linton is "honored and humbled with such a sacred duty."  

Hmmmm.... I imagine she either does or will regret that statement.  

Abortion is not sacred.  It's the opposite of sacred.  

I'm praying for you Ms. Linton!




  1. This woman clearly does not know what "sacred", "honored" or "humbled" really mean.

    Pray. We must pray for her.

  2. Well written, Noreen. I will pray for her, too. Their are so many confused people out there! They all need prayers!

  3. Which just goes to show abortion is satan's sacrament.

  4. Well written, Noreen. I stumbled over in liberal blogging zone this week and the pp (don't even want to dignify them with capitals) advocates were running amuck with the same false rhetoric. pp has a fact sheet that says that abortions are only some low single digit of all they do there. Their advocates say if it weren't for pp they would not have been able to get low cost contraception and pap smears and such without their parents knowing when they were in college. That it is so great that younger gals can go in there and make choices without being judged. BIG SIGHs! Couldn't believe some of the "misrepresentations" (I like the old fashion -- lies) were being dished out and "Amen"'d (literally) without any challenges. I left one comment just pointing out that abortion, surgical or chemical was not a woman's right, nor good for her health or well-being. It does seem like this is hotter for me personally now, as it seems for you Noreen, than it has our whole lives before now. I think we are being called to keep standing and praying and showing up and blogging for the unborn.

  5. Jamie~ I'm in complete agreement! This woman has a 24 year history with PP so her loyalty is strong. Now that I know her name, I will pray for Ms. Linton.

    Jennifer~ they are confused and being deceived by evil with their total cooperation.

    Barb~ that's a good way to put it.

    Colleen~ I have not wandered over to that side of cyberspace but I think it's great that you did and comment. Who knows who may be looking and feel the truth of your statement. Seeds are planted. I agree too... we are both being called to stand up and pray for the unborn. The blogosphere has opened up my eyes to what PP is all about.

  6. How very sad. What Barbara said is so true.

  7. Thank you for this. I have to admit I have not been following the news on this and this has shocked me!