Thursday, January 9, 2014

My New Patron Saint

I'm a bit slow this year but I finally went over to Saint Generator, offered up a prayer for a saint that Jesus would like me to get to know better and who can be my intercessor.

I offered up my prayer and clicked and my new Patron Saint is:

St. Catherine of Bologna

She is new to me and I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.

Here is a quote that she is known for:

"Jesus Christ gave up his life that we might live," she said. "Therefore, whoever wishes to carry the cross for his sake must take up the proper weapons for the contest, especially those mentioned here. First, diligence; second, distrust of self; third, confidence in God; fourth, remembrance of the Passion; fifth, mindfulness of one’s own death; sixth, remembrance of God’s glory; seventh, the injunctions of Sacred Scripture following the example of Jesus Christ in the desert" (On the Seven Spiritual Weapons).

St. Catherine of Bologna, pray for me!

Peace & Blessings,

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